Truly Understanding Older Women Dating Younger Men

There has been a pronounced trend in the United States of older women dating younger men. Whether we are looking at Madonna or Demi Moore, more and more older women are discovering the appeal of younger men. It used to be cause for a little bit of a scandal when an older woman would date a guy younger than her. Both would look bad.
First, the older woman would look desperate because she can’t obviously find a man her age who would treat her right. So she had to rob the cradle by dating younger men. The younger guys, on the other hand, would look like gold diggers or losers who can’t get laid by women their age. Everybody loses in this scenario. It really is hypocritical and stupid because, if you think about it, the opposite is considered true.
For an older man like a Donald Trump to date a hot model in her 20s is something to be celebrated. It is something that would make Donald look like a stud. For the woman, there is not much downside to her. She is just trading up. She just knows how the game is played, and congratulations to her because she is hooking up with a true winner. Do you see what is fucked up about this picture?
The reality is older women dating younger men doesn’t have to be cause for alarm. It doesn’t have to involve all sorts of hand-wringing or finger-wagging. Instead, it is what it is. Older men are looking for certain things from younger women, and guess what. Most of it has nothing to do with sex. In many cases, older men date younger women because it is a status symbol. It is like rolling out to your high school reunion in your new Mercedes Benz. You are telling everybody in a loud and public way, “I’ve arrived. I’m a winner.”
The same goes with younger women dating older men. They get validation for their value that, “This man who is very powerful and rich finds me attractive, then that means I am worth something.” Whether you agree with that or not, that is the set pattern.
It really sucks because older women dating younger men happen for a wide variety of reasons. One reason is because of the fact that men their age can’t service them properly. They just don’t have the energy. This is why older women who are looking for multiple orgasms trade down to younger men because younger men have the energy and the strength to make their partners climax many times every single night.
Besides that, there are other reasons as well. It can also be emotional bonding. It can also be the fact that older women are looking at younger men as status symbols. If it works for older men, why shouldn’t it work for older women?

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